About Me


A few of my favourite things: Pizza, Champagne, Twin Peaks, The Muppets, New York and camping.

I am good at: meditation, travelling, stories and interpretive dance.

I am bad at: meditation, networking, drawing and taking selfies.


Masters in Creative Writing – Graduated February 2018

I wrote a book! Well, almost, kinda, got a very rough first draft, but it’s something. An extract can be found here: http://bathspathreads.com/jane-hammond/

100 Miles West – January 2015

I have just left my job, and life, in London to start a new life in Bristol…100 Miles West will chronicle my journey.

Script Editing – 2014 onwards

In November I spent 2 weeks shadowing a BBC drama script editor and learnt how the development department works, researching and reading for them.

The Conversation – 2013/14

I wrote several articles to accompany Amanda De Cadenet’s series of honest interviews with celebrities.

Blogging – 2011 onwards

I started blogging to keep writing and to share, honestly and openly, details of my ridiculous life which I hope people can occasionally relate to….so we don’t feel so alone. And since my first blog, A Soiled Romance, I can’t seem to help using song titles (often bastardised) for all of them!

Screenwriting – 2011 onwards

In 2011 I did an 8 week screenwriting course at the New York Film Academy and then travelled for 5 months. Since becoming a writer I have discovered the joy that everything I do is ‘research’.

Television – 1999 onwards

I have worked in television production forever. Producing documentaries and children’s shows under my real name. I use my middle name Ballantyne here as some of my material is a little bit fruity for a children’s producer.

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